Yes, This is Racism – Christian Pastor Calls Out White America In Response To Virginia Rally

This is Racism

Yes, This is Racism
Christian Pastor John Pavlovitz has been in the ministry for 20 years. Yesterday he posted a very sincere, eloquent response to the violence that occurred in Charlottesville Virginia, during a racists alt-right rally by white supremacists. Below are his words:

As a writer and pastor, my job is to weave together words so that those words will hopefully reach people in their deepest places; to frame the experience of this life in a way that is somehow compelling or creative or interesting, causing them to engage with the world differently than before.

But there are times when to do this would be actually be a disservice to reality, when any clever wordplay would only soften the jagged, sickening truth; when clever turns of phrase might succeed in obscuring the horrid ugliness in front of us.

Sometimes we just need to say it without adornment or finessing.

What we’ve watched unfolding in Charlottesville, with hundreds of white people bearing torches and chanting about the value of white lives and shouting slurs, is not a “far Right” protest. When you move that far right, past humanity, past decency, past goodness—you’re something else.

You’re not a supremacist, you’re not a nationalist, and you’re not alt-Right.

This is racism.
This is domestic terrorism.
This is religious extremism.
This is bigotry.
It is blind hatred of the most vile kind.
It doesn’t represent America.
It doesn’t represent Jesus.
It doesn’t speak for the majority of white Americans.
It’s a cancerous, terrible, putrid sickness that represents the absolute worst of who we are.

Read the full article at Pastor Pavlovitz’s website:

2 thoughts on “Yes, This is Racism – Christian Pastor Calls Out White America In Response To Virginia Rally”

  1. It’s all about souls… nothing less, soul salvation. God has the keys to life and death🙏. Man ain’t seen nothing yet? No eyes have not seen, no ears have not heard, what God has for those that choose not to believe 💯

  2.  avatar usmarine76 says:

    Lives do not matter, souls matter.

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