Members FAQ (website version)

FAQ and Info for Members

This page will provide an overview of some common site functions to help you get around and communicate with others on the site. This page specifically relates to the website. A Mobile/App version will be coming at a later date.

Private Messages
You can send and receive private messages from your profile page, or to another member from their profile page.

To send a private message to another member from their profile page:

1. Visit their profile, and click the “Private Pessage” button. This will take you to your profile, with the message compose window open, and the other member’s name in the “Send To” field.



To send a private message from your profile page:

1. Visit your profile page, then select the “Messages” tab.


2. Next click the compose tab. You can type in the username of the person you are sending the message to. If the are already your friend, you should see their name appear as you start to type it. You can click on their name to add them to the “Send To” field. You can send a private message to more than one user at a time if you wish. Next, jsut type a subject and your message, and click the “Send Message” button!


Editing Your Profile

To edit your profile, first go to your profile page from the menu or by clicking on your avatar. From your profile, click on the “Edit” tab along the bottom.

Here you can make changes to your profile. Note that mandatory fields may be required to be filled in here when updating your profile for the first time.

Privacy Settings
From your profile page, click on the “Settings” tab. Along the bottom you will see the following tabs:


Each of these tabs brings up settings for notifications, profile field privacy, message privacy, as well as the ability to delete your account.

When viewing the full website, you can add videos to your playlist. Simply click the star icon in the video toolbar, and the video will be added.

To view your playlist, just navigate to your profile and click the playlist tab. The direct url would be

At the top of the page you will see a player with all the videos you have added to your playlist. Down the page, you will see a list of items you have added. Note that you can also add articles as well as videos. Articles will appear down the page, but not in the player, unless there is a video within the article.

Your playlist (player)

Your playlist (player)


Your playlist items.

Your playlist items.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. You can change your password in a couple of ways. First, if you are on the main website, you can change your password by viewing your profile, and clicking the “settings” tab. The link should be similar to this, but with your username.

If you are on the mobile website or using our app, you can click on the “home” icon (top left), then scroll down to the “Settings” heading, and click on the “general” link to change your password.

If you have forgotten your password and would just like to reset it, you can do so by following the “lost password” link on the login screen which appears after a failed login attempt. Just enter your email address and submit the form. The system will generate and email you a new password.

(this page will be frequently updated with additional info).