Who Can Stand against God’s Chosen?

Who Can Stand against God’s Chosen?What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31, King James Version)


We are taught as young children never to answer a question with a question. The Apostle Paul does exactly that is verse 31 of Romans chapter 8. The book of Romans is actually a letter that Paul wrote to the Church in Rome and he spent a great deal of time and effort making some powerful points to the believers in Rome. When the truth expressed in this short verse is clearly understood it provides confidence to the believer that no matter what they are facing, their relationship with God insures that they will emerge victorious. This brief lesson will provide the insight necessary to truly understand exactly what the Apostle Paul was attempting express to his readers.


Chapter 8 was filled with encouraging truths as Paul revealed the reason for hope for the committed believer. Many have painted God as a harsh ruler who looks for any reason to punish or destroy His creation, but Paul revealed that God is full of love and desires to have a close relationship with His people. The chapter begins by revealing that those who are in Christ (having accepted Christ has their Lord and Savior) no longer fall under the condemnation associated with sin. This is important because it removes the weight of the burden that comes with the guilt of failing God.


He moves on to reveal that all believers are grafted into the royal family of God through spiritual adoption. Spiritual adoption has powerful implications. When Paul wrote this letter children who were adopted had more rights in their adopted families than children born into it. Biological children could be disowned, whereas children that were adopted could not. This reveals the permanence of the relationship between God and his people.


Paul also told the Romans that he considered the sufferings that they were currently enduring unworthy to be compared with the Glory they would produce. Suffering is sometimes unavoidable, but God always has purpose for it.


Paul goes from one truth to the next until he arrives at verse 31. He then asks the recipients of this letter what conclusion could they draw from what he had told them. Paul immediately turns around and answers his own question with a question. Paul is saying to them that with God standing with them there is nothing that they could not overcome. There would be attacks from the enemy. There would be struggles and disappointments. There would be long delays in the pursuit of visions and dreams, but with God, victory is certain.


Despite what many have taught, God has never promised that there would not be hard times in the life of the believer. In fact, Jesus told His disciples that there would tribulations (John 16:33). It is not in the absence of struggles that the believer advances, but despite them. Paul doesn’t paint a portrait of ease and comfort for the Romans, but he does masterfully paint one of victory.


This verse of scripture reveals that regardless to what adversity you may face, with God on your side you will emerge triumphantly. The Christian way of life is not about comfort or ease. It is about believing in God to do the impossible in your life. When believers trust God, even in their difficulties, it provides the opportunity for God to use those moments to show Himself strong on behalf of those that are loyal to Him.


If God is for you, there is no obstacle that can stop you from fulfilling your destiny. With God on your side, even the most devastating forces will not destroy you. There is no force that can withstand the power of God.


Try to imagine the worst thing you can ever endure. Think about the thing you fear most. Then realize that not even that horrible thing has the power to destroy you. God will neutralize all negative forces that come into your life. You can’t avoid all the bad things, life does not work that way, but you can deal with every struggle knowing that God is in control.


Paul told the Romans that God’s love for them was so powerful that nothing in the world be able to separate them from it.


As you attempt to grasp the depth of what this scripture has to say, you find it impossible. Your minds cannot go beyond God capability. Anything that you can think of cannot create a situation that God is incapable of handling.


So, when you find yourself in a scary situation, remember that God is aware of what you are going through and He has promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has promised to stand with you through it all. With God standing with you, there is no problem that you cannot overcome.

(Article by Dr. Rick Wallace)

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  1. nsleo avatar nsleo says:

    This idea of overcoming the world and the obstacles that we face as humans brings me to immediately think about what Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection means to those who believe in Him. When He died on the cross, He was covered in all of our sin so that we would be seen as righteous once again in the eyes of the Almighty. By resurrecting, He OVERCAME death, so that we would be given new life. A new life in the Spirit. If Christ overcame death, and we live in the Spirit, and the Spirit lives in us, then Amen I say that WE CAN OVERCOME because the Christ in us has already done so! When I think about this, I am simply left in awe 🙂 IT’S PHENOMENAL!!! Sorry! Sups excited!!!

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